Lunch Monday-Friday 10.30–14.00

Come for lunch, your colleagues are already here! And friends. And a good atmosphere - not to forget the delicious food!

Order from the cashier, start your meal from our plentiful salad buffet, and soon we will bring your plated main course to the table. You can choose from daily or weekly changing lunches.

All lunch options include salads, soup of the day, bread and fresh coffee or tea.

Changes are possible depending on the availability of fresh raw materials.

Week 50

Meaty Lunch 13,50€

Overcooked pork cheek, roasted vegetables and potatoes and redwine sauce M,G

Hippity Dippity 13,50€ 


Marinated tofu, roasted cauliflower and romesco sauce VEG,G


Week 50

Monday 13.12.

Soup of the day 10,20€
Roasted corn soup L,G

Lunch of the day 10,90€
Fried sausage and potatoes, fresh cucumber salad and roasted garlic mayonnaise L,G

Wednesday 15.12.

Soup of the day 10,20€
Roasted garlic soup L,G

Lunch of the day  10,90€
Chicken wings and potato fries  L,G

Friday 17.12.

Traditional christmas lunch from the buffet 10,90€

Tuesday 14.12.

Soup of the day 10,20€
Tomato basil soup L,G

Lunch of the day  10,90€
Butter chicken and rice L,G

Thursday 16.12.

Traditional christmas lunch from tthe buffet 10,90€

L = Lactose free
VL = Low lactose
G = Gluten free
M = Dairy free
VEG = Vegan
All Meat what we use, is Finnish if not mention otherwise